Do you want a Master Franchise for your country?

We are the parent company of the brand and one of the fastest growing companies in the franchise sector worldwide.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have a minimum capital of USD $ 100,000, contact us to become a master franchisee of a country, through this form:

By being a franchisee of ProntoWash, you will be part of the largest carwash chain in the world. We have more than 20 years of experience in different markets; In this way, our franchisees will be able to benefit from our “Know how”, constant improvements and innovations.

Our current franchised countries

¿Do you want to be part of our franchisee network?

The profile of the successful Master Franchisee Candidate is that of an entrepreneurial person, group or company; with management abilities; with influence and contacts in the local market; service-oriented and highly focused on the client or customer, marketing and branding; and is driven to succeed.


Master Franchisees are responsable for adapting the Prontowash business model locally, granting franchises to local entrepreneurs and providing training and support to local franchisees as well as well as running company owned points of sale.

Support structure

At ProntoWash® we have a consistent system to support the operations and management of our Franchisees: thus:

  • Negotiation’s framework
  • International leverage on retail chains.
  • Development of legal documentation (models).
  • Support on Competition and legal defense issues.
  • Business case and market proposal.
  • Marketing development.
  • Promotion material.
  • Sales strategy prospect.
  • Database management.
  • Franchise fairs.
  • Strategy and direct support.
  • Marketing advisory services
  • Product mix
  • General strategy
  • New product testing and launching
  • Pricing
  • General strategy and problem solving
  • Local promotion
  • Pos (point of sale)
  • Launching and ongoing efforts
  • Assistance in the development of local providers.  
  • Logistics.
  • Imports and distribution to franchisees.
  • Web design and update
  • Intranet developments
  • Master franchise utilities
  • Sub franchisee developments
  • Third parties developments.
  • Networking synergy
  • International promotion (fairs, expos and media)
  • Retail chains synergy
  • Equipment and material development
  • Process and service improvements
  • Marketing development. Pop material, media, pr, etc.
  • Master franchise launching
  • Accounting and administration definitions
  • Erp selection and settings
  • Audit and legal issues
  • Tax advisory.
  • Benchmarks and examples